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Who We Can Help

If you own, manage, work in the following, allow us to help you with your content creation needs: * Small Business Organizations
* Communications Centers
* Small Family-Owned Businesses
* Nonprofits
* Radio and TV Companies (for Script Writing and Ad Copywriting)

Reasons for Teaming Up with The Write Stuff: 

*Consistent quality
*Custom content solutions *Original, well-written content,
*Reliable and on-time delivery,
*Affordable content, allowing you to... focus on bigger opportunities,
*Offer more services to your clients,
*Keep projects moving *Extend the power of your services to clientele

Professional Email marketing Services

 More than 2 billion people use email across the globe! Generally, for about every $1 spent on email marketing, there is a $38 return on investment - the highest of all digital channels. It keeps existing customers engaged. It can generate and nurture leads. It drives traffic to your 

Writing Services

My projects have ranged from articles for magazines, entries for websites, product descriptions, business proposals, and grant writing and personal histories. My range of skills and interests has led me to write about lifestyles, travel, real estate, and more. I’m a quick study in any subject, and I pride myself on my ability to get up to speed quickly and deliver a stellar product—sometimes under tight deadlines.  

Are You A Veteran?

We take pride in being a veteran-focused company. The Write Stuff writes personal histories of veterans from any wartime era who want to highlight their lives when they served in the US Military for their country. Our founder is a Veteran himself, having served world-wide for 6 1/2 years in the US Air Force as an officer (Captain) during the Vietnam War Era. There are many great and exciting untold legacy "war stories" out there that veterans are eager to share with their families, friends, and associates.

Our Content Writing Services Cover the Following and More:

*Brochures/Marketing Materials
*Business Letters, Business Grants
Case Studies for Problem-Solving Results
*Market Research/Summary Overviews
*White Papers, Mission and Vision Statements
Site Audits for User Friendly Content
*News Releases , Press Releases
*Online/Offline Newsletters, Articles
*Personal Legacy Histories *Small Family Business Legacy Histories
*Website Content Landing Pages

We have been assisting private clients and business organizations with their copywriting needs for more than 20 years.

Personal Histories

What Will Your Story Be?

The Write Stuff is a TRUSTED personal history writing service that can help seniors record personal memoirs and small family business owners to preserve the historic past and educate future generations. We adhere to the highest personal history business standards. We also do the following and more:
*Book Editing/Proofing *Content Marketing
*Ghost Writing
*Grant Writing
*Proposal Writing
*Script Writing
*Website Audits
*News Stories

Some Suggested Writing Tips

What you can do if you have already started something 

 Be More Compelling!

It takes practice to capture existing information and ideas in new and more compelling ways. You may not achieve it with your first draft. When writing your own copy, make sure you're not getting blinded to other angles or perspectives. It can be easy to fall in line with what was written somewhere else before, but you want to stay open-minded about ways of approaching new information. That way, you can keep it fresh and relevant, instead of ending up with a stale rehash of what was said before. 


   Meet Our Founder           H. James Hulton III

is a seasoned freelance writer with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Communications from Elizabethtown College in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. He has worked in public relations and communications for more than 25 years in both for-profit and non-profit environments. He has written many types of publications and documents throughout his professional career. Jim is a published author, offline and online. He has also been a cable television show host/producer and radio talk show host personality in two different states, Pennsylvania and Minnesota . Jim is also a Personal Historian writer who is available to write for private individuals, military Veterans, small family-owned businesses, and emerging growth companies. He helps them celebrate their lives in writing books and leaves a long-term legacy for future generations of their families. He is a proud 6 1/2 year US Air Force Officer (Captain) Veteran serving worldwide during the Vietnam War Era.