Need Help with Clear Communication about
                                   Your COVID-19 Plans? 

Your inbox is already full of COVID-19 related emails. EVERY business in EVERY niche imaginable is sending them out. Some are helpful. Some are not. Many seem thrown together, panicked, and rushed out the door. In the worst cases, poorly written messages are raising alarm levels, confusing customers, and actually hurting business relationships.

I can help you with your ongoing messaging:
• Clear, well-written emails that inform and make relevant, timely offers
• Press releases about changes in business hours, charitable outreach, or community investments
• Social media posts with key updates or community-building info
• Timely, situation-aware e-newsletter articles, brochures, and postcards

Putting out high-quality content and offers take time. Though it's wrapped in a package of crisis, COVID 19 does gift us with some remarkable creative lead time right now. You can start now, and when this current crisis passes, you will be able to be a mover and shaker in your market, stronger and better for having weathered the storm.